These are some of my most-used and favorite tools and resources when designing and developing.


Day Designer – a beautiful paper planner for designing your day!

Asana – track your work and get stuff done.


0 to 255 – find variations of any color.

Colour Lovers PHOTOCOPA – create color palettes based on photos.

Color Scheme Designer – design color schemes in various colorways.

Colors on Canva – everything you need to know about colors.

Name That Color – color name generator, great for Sass variables.

Subtle Patterns – patterns that are subtle.


Pearsonified’s Golden Ratio Typography Calculator – calculate typography sizing.

pxtoem – convert pixels to ems.

Type Scale – hierarchical scale for type sizing. – view samples of all installed fonts on your computer.


960 Grid System

Aspect Ratio Calculator

WP Engine – managed WordPress hosting.

Copy Writing

Grammarly – spell check all the things.

Hemingway App – makes your writing bold and clear

Lipsum Generator – lorem ipsum generator

Nitpicker – language style checker

Veggie Ipsum – vegetarian lorem ipsum generator

WP Fill Me – WordPress filler content for theme testing

Photography & Images

Death to Stock Photos – (Free with a paid option)


Free Range Stock

Lorem Pixel – placeholder images


Negative Space – (Free)




Unsplash – placeholder images

WOCinTechChat Stock Photos

Some of these links are affiliate links and I would not recommend anything I don’t use and love!