5 Apps for Project Life Workflows

Project Life is a scrapbooking solution by Becky Higgins.  It simplifies the process by providing pocket pages, making layouts super simple.  Core kits include journaling and decorative cards.  Read more about it on Becky Higgin’s website or shop Amazon for Project Life goods.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 apps I’ve been using in my Project Life workflow.  I have an iPhone/iPad, and unfortunately I don’t know if all of these are available for Android users.  Sorry!


1. PicFrame


PicFrame Screencap
PicFrame Screencap
PicFrame allows you to combine multiple photos into one by providing various layouts.  The one I use most is simply the horizontal layout with two vertical photos side by side, seen above.  I like to use this app because I print all of my photos on 4×6 photo paper, so as not to waste paper and for maximum efficiency (though it’s debatable whether this is the most efficient way), I import my photos into a PicFrame layout and then save it out into Dropbox where I can then access it from my laptop and print. You can also apply various borders as well or none at all and change the colors of them.

Tip: Make sure to set the aspect ratio to 3:2 if you plan to use these as 3x4s.

For a free alternative, check out Framatic.

View PicFrame in the app store.


2. Dropbox

Dropbox Screencap
Dropbox Screencap

Dropbox is great because you can use it on your laptop/desktop, too.  What I do is make folders for each month and inside each folder, make another folder for the week, since I Project Life every week.  It just makes it easier when I go to print and I don’t have to fish around through other weeks’ photos.  I just pop into the correct folder and print. Done.

View Dropbox in the app store.

PicLab HD

3. PicLab HD


PicLab HD Screencap
PicLab HD Screencap

PicLab HD lets you overlay text and other effects on your photos.  I wanted to include a quote in this week’s layout and although I know my way around Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, the point of Project Life is to get it done quickly.  I didn’t want to end up spending hours in Photoshop, so I used this app instead.  There are lots of nice fonts as well as graphic elements you can include as well.

View PicLab HD in the app store.

4. Afterlight


Afterlight Screencap

Afterlight Screencap

I like Afterlight because although I also like Instagram, sometimes I want to use my photos as 4×6 and using the Instagram cropped version doesn’t work very well.  In these cases, I’ll open the original photo in Afterlight and apply a similar filter.  Another nice thing about Afterlight is you can save it with a high resolution which is nice when you’re going to be printing your photos.

View Afterlight in the app store.

5. Those Days


Those Days Screencap

Those Days Screencap

I do my Project Life layouts on Sundays and by that time I usually forget what I had done the past week.  This app helps me look back and remember what I had done because it combines your calendar with your photos and puts them in a calendar view.  You can also put comments on your photos for further documentation.  I use this as reference every week and I especially love it for when I’m playing catch up from a year ago and I have no idea when I took a photo or what else was going on at that time.

View Those Days in the app store.


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