Thirty One

I actually forgot that my birthday is today until I looked at my calendar yesterday and saw it there. Thirty-one. Eh. Thirty hit me hard. Thirty-one not so much. I want to say that thirties are much better than twenties but it’s… Read More

Bookmarked #2

Learning to code is hard and even those who seem to know it all have had thoughts about not being good enough or being the right kind of person to be programming. Wes Bos creator of JavaScript 30, talks about the many… Read More

Bookmarked #1

Inspired by Colin Devroe’s What I Saw This Week series and Elise Blaha‘s newsletters come my own series of posts of links I find worth sharing. Designing themes can be a great exercise for designers because you can choose what to design,… Read More

Nothing, I’m in Power-Save Mode

Last weekend I was in a super funk so I drove and drove and went to my happy place which also happens to be Barnes & Noble. I really wanted Jonathan Fields’ new book, How to Live a Good Life, but… Read More

2017 Intentions 

In years past, around this time I have made lists of goals to accomplish throughout the year. In years past, I’d make big goals like complete a craft project every day for 100 days or write a blog post once… Read More