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Following Lisa Yoder’s lead on this one, I thought I’d jot down some of my own books that I plan to read in the next few months. I love a good book, especially one that captures and holds my attention.

As a kid, I actually did not like to read. I preferred to build things out of wood in our basement or sew or swim or draw. Throughout most of my schooling, I really enjoyed art in its many forms. When I got to college, I still enjoyed art. What a surprise. Anyway, one particularly inspiring professor, a deadline to make a decision and I ended up getting a degree in English. Which meant lots of reading, naturally. The nice thing about not being in school is being able to read whatever the heck you want.

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This summer I read Year of Yes (listened to, actually), Becoming Who You Are, Women with Attention Deficit Disorder, and I’ve just finished reading Design is a Job, which was excellent.

There are many books in my backlog, but I can see getting through the following books over the next few months.

Designing for Emotion I am currently reading this and am enjoying it. It’s changing my mind.

Love Warrior I am both super excited to read this and yet hesitant. I think I have the voice of a negative Amazon reviewer in my ear, because before I could not wait to get my hands on this. I know I’ll probably read this in one sitting.

Creativity, Inc This has been beside my bed for at least a month now. I am excited to read this for what it may shed into Pixar’s story process, as well as how it relates to Brené Brown and Glennon Doyle Melton’s work on story and how we relate to them and how they can change our lives.

Designing for Social Change This just came in the mail yesterday and I haven’t so much as cracked it open yet. Hoping this will help me be a better designer.

The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom I’ve heard people mention this but I hadn’t been curious about it until I heard Melissa Hartwig on the Being Boss podcast. She, Kathleen and Emily discuss changing your relationship to food, maintaining your brand’s identity, and the idea that it’s okay and normal to go through cycles where you’re on top of your self-care game and other times when you’re not. I’m down to change my relationship to food.

When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Hard Times I mean, because things fall apart.

Designing Brand Identity I am finding the books on design that I’ve been reading lately are having a solid impact on the way I think about design, so here’s to continuing that.

Self-Compassion ‘Cuz beating yourself up is mean.


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