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Learning to code is hard and even those who seem to know it all have had thoughts about not being good enough or being the right kind of person to be programming. Wes Bos creator of JavaScript 30, talks about the many ways that exist to learn to program and how one of the best ways to learn is by actually building something. Developer Tea: Interview w/ Web Bos (Part 1) (audio)

“It’s really important to me that meetings feel like safe spaces to talk. It’s also really hard to measure this while the meeting is happening. The two metrics I try and sense during team-wide meetings: how much laughter there is, and how weird questions get.” On Better Meetings by Lara Hogan

All religions are speaking to the same thing. Choose the labels you like. That’s all. TLS #185: The Intersection of Rational Mind and Intuitive Guidance with Erin Loechner (audio)

I took the VIA Survey which helps identify your strongest characteristics. My top strength is fairness. Take the Character Strengths Survey.

Two monkeys were paid unequally. Do animals care about fairness? Two Monkeys Were Paid Unequally: Excerpt from Frans de Waal’s TED Talk (video)

Paul Jarvis wrote a newsletter outlining several ways we can begin to take action in these scary and uncertain times. He talks about the importance of making art, being intentional about who we do business with and where we spend our time and money. Now what?

This guy throws a clay vase and it is mesmerizing. Instagram user @keywestpottery pursues mastery (video)

What is the most important thing when considering becoming a designer? Five industry leaders say one of the most important things is liking design a whole lot. Group Interview: Expert Advice For Students and Young Web Designers

What does your ideal week look like? Day Designer has a (free) printout to help lay it all out. Ideal Week (requires email address)

How do we know we’re on the right track when working on a design project? Lauren Hooker talks about using inspiration boards with her clients to help her stay on track throughout the design process. How to Create a Clean & Cohesive Inspiration Board from Elle & Company


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