How to Feel More Empowered More of the Time

Did you know it’s Women’s Empowerment Day?

And did you know that you can feel more empowered more of the time, every day of your life?

Empowered is a feeling.

Feelings are created by our thoughts.

If we want to feel more empowered, all we gotta do is think empowering thoughts.

We can feel as empowered as we want to feel regardless of the circumstances and the things happening around us.

We always have a choice in how we think about things and ultimately how we feel.

Disempowering Thoughts

We could use the pay gap against ourselves to feel discouraged and as evidence that we cannot build a million dollar business.

We can use statistics that technology is a male-dominated industry to prove that we as females do not belong there.

We can use the fact that we didn’t get a computer science degree as a reason to beat ourselves up or as evidence that we are not very good at our jobs as web developers.

We can use the fact that we’re the only woman at our company to mean what we think and what we have to contribute must not be of much value.

Empowering Thoughts

You know how else we can think about these things?

There is a pay gap and I am going to build a million dollar business anyway.

Technology is a male-dominated industry and I am a badass for figuring out how to navigate it.

I do belong in technology because I am in technology.

I don’t have a computer science degree and I am amazing because I have the persistence and the willingness to learn things on my own.

I am the only woman in my company and I have ideas worth sharing.

Your turn. Tell me something about yourself that makes you feel empowered. Tell me below in the comments, on Instagram or on Twitter!

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