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Yesterday I attended GirlDevelopIt Philly‘s class on Git and GitHub.  GirlDevelopIt has been an amazing resource for me as I travel this path to becoming a front end developer.  I have taken many classes with them and recently TAed a couple of their WordPress classes.  I love them and would recommend checking out what they have to offer to anyone looking to learn more about tech or coding.  They are a nation wide organization, too, so check them out at girldevelopit.com.

I often see Git/GitHub listed on job listings so felt like having knowledge of this version control system would be beneficial.  Also I wanted to have more knowledge about how the seven of us working on SheTechPhilly could safely collaborate on our project without overwriting each other.

During the week or two before the class on Saturday, I practiced creating repositories and putting some projects up with the GitHub GUI.  However, the class focused on using the command line instead, which was a little intimidating.  Once I got a little bit more comfortable with it, it became kind of fun though!

Show ’em what you got

It can be intimidating to put your projects out there for anyone to see.  “What if my code is wrong?” “What if I become known as a hack?

If you are scared about your projects being public, which GitHub repositories are by default, use another host such as BitBucket.

Collaborate safely

Git allows you to collaborate on projects without worrying about overwriting each other’s work.  Here’s a nettuts tutorial.

Get involved in open source projects

Getting involved with an open source project can be a great experience, even including for beginners.  GitHub is great for contributing to open source projects.  Find one to contribute to, even if it’s to update documentation or other “smaller” fixes.


Are you ready to get your work out to the world?

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