Loving and Letting Go

Loving means allowing it all to be exactly as it is.

Loving because they’re with someone else – not in spite of it.

Loving their love.

Loving yourself for wanting what you want.

Loving yourself enough to stop beating yourself up.

Loving yourself enough to have compassion for how you’ve shown up in the past.

You couldn’t have shown up any other way.

You were doing the best you could.

And so is everyone, always.

Sometimes our best isn’t very good.

But beating ourselves up serves no one.

Beating ourselves up for our past just perpetuates the past into our present and future.

Holding onto the past serves nothing.

Holding onto the past can look like keeping birthday cards from five years ago, even though all they do is remind you of regret.

Holding onto regret feels important and true.

Like the only way to validate a past experience is by holding onto it in a way that hurts.

But what if letting go could feel like love?

What if letting go of the old cards created the space for something new? For a new future, new possibilities?

We can choose to think about the past however we want to.

Use it to beat ourselves up or use it to find a way to love it all.

And our love now can be so much greater than a piece of paper and greater than it ever was.

Because our love comes from our thoughts, how we’re choosing to think about the past and present now.

So does regret.

At any moment, we can choose to stop regretting, let it all go, and choose love instead.


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