Mindful Creative Living

A mindful creative life is a life created on purpose. It’s using our minds to create our lives. It’s becoming aware of the thoughts we’re thinking and the feelings we’re feeling and the actions we’re taking. It’s taking full responsibility for the results in our lives, how we’re showing up in our lives, how we’re thinking and feeling and acting. It’s using the science of our brains and the universe to create our lives. It’s looking towards the future to create our lives as opposed to using our past to predict our future. It’s changing our habits and our personalities. It’s becoming someone else in order to create something new.

Who am I?

My name’s Lauren and I am working on redesigning my mind. I am a web designer and front-end developer. I have diagnoses of depression, anxiety, and ADHD inattentive type and I have come to the point in my life where I’ve created my life out of default programming that I’ve picked up over the last nearly 32 years.

Whether it was from my parents, school, and through the experiences I’ve had in my life, that programming has served me to a point and has gotten me to where I am now. And I’m now at a point in my life where that programming is no longer serving me and is not going to serve me moving forward. So I’m now learning how to change it and create my life on purpose.

Why am I blogging?

I’m starting this blog to share the things I’m learning and the process I’m going through. The more I learn about creating my life on purpose, the more invested I get in it. I think it’s the most important work any of us can do for ourselves. It’s part science, part woo-woo. It’s neuroscience, quantum physics, and psychology. I want to share what I’m learning. I want to be an example of creative living and hopefully, help others get out from under the cloud of negativity.

What am I going to be blogging about?

I am going to be blogging about overcoming imposter syndrome, which is the belief of not knowing enough or being good enough. I’ll be writing about getting beyond that belief that feels so terrible and moving into a life that feels confident and abundant. Some of it might be what some would call woo-woo but it’ll also be neuroscience and quantum physics and using these to change our minds and shape our lives.

I’d love it if you’d get in touch on Twitter.