Nothing, I’m in Power-Save Mode

Last weekend I was in a super funk so I drove and drove and went to my happy place which also happens to be Barnes & Noble. I really wanted Jonathan Fields’ new book, How to Live a Good Life, but they didn’t have it. (I’ve since gotten it on Audible — a post for another day).

Have you ever read a book that validated your entire existence? Okay, kind of an exaggeration. But not really. That’s kind of what happened when I found and read Maureen “Marzi” Wilson’s Introvert Doodles.

Reminds me of all of the times I’ve been told I’m too quiet, or “you haven’t moved from this spot this entire party.” Or feeling bad about hanging out with (only) my cat all the time or that weird thing where I can write better than I speak. Or sitting as far away from everyone at the cafe to read a book about introverts. Or my favorite, being commanded “talk to me.” 😒





Hilariously yes.

Painfully yes.

Like, there’s nothing wrong with being an introvert. No like about it.


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