Smiling Meat Bag

Most Monday nights I go to a meditation group led by my friend, Ryan, at Blue Lotus Acupuncture in Doylestown. I love it so much and it’s such a great way to start the week. Last week I had an interesting experience that I thought I’d share today.


Usually Ryan will guide us through a meditation of some kind whether it’s noticing the sounds and sensations of the room or feelings arising in the body.

Last week, he had us do a body scan. My mind was pretty unfocused on the body scan and wandered to thinking about how thoughts create feelings which drive actions. Standard self-coaching things.

Well, I felt myself smiling and feeling amused and pleased. I forget the thought I had that created the feeling of amused and pleased. But I noticed myself sitting there in the chair smiling.

And I had what felt like an out of body experience in which I saw from the point of just outside my forehead, like the third eye, looking back and down at this body made of flesh and bones – a meat bag – sitting there in the chair smiling, and it was just like a recognition that that body isn’t the real me. It’s being animated by thoughts that come from who-knows-where, some greater intelligence.

And isn’t it so funny how these bodies seem like they’re us?


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