Tech Tip Tuesday: WordPress Mobile Image Issue

After my latest blog post went live a few days ago, I went to check it out on my iPad and found that some of the images were either rotated 90 degrees in one (wrong) direction or another.  However, viewing the post on my laptop, it looked fine.  Was it some kind of weird responsive issue?  I couldn’t figure it out.

I had taken the photos with my iPhone and then when I uploaded them to my post, they were rotated all weird-like.  So I used WordPress’s image editor to rotate the ones that uploaded incorrectly rotated.  After previewing the post it looked fine, but after the post went live and reviewing it on my iPad, saw that it looked like this! :

Incorrectly Rotated Images

After a bit of research, it seems the issue is related to EXIF data.  When viewing the images on my iPhone or iPad, the data was read and the images were auto-rotated based on this data.

To work around this issue, I had to edit, rotate and save the images out in Photoshop and then re-upload them to my post.  Now I’m wondering what would have happened if I had uploaded the images to my post from my iPad, if they would appear sideways on a desktop.

Incorrectly Rotated Images Fixed

Here’s an article relating to this issue.

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