Thought Snags

I want to talk about something that became ever more clear to me in the last week. I’ll call it “thought snags” and it’s those thoughts that keep coming up over and over again, usually based in some kind of fear, that just don’t seem to want to go away.


It’s like the mind gets snagged on these certain thoughts and cannot or will not let them go.

This week, I noticed this happening around something with work. It was based in fear that I wasn’t doing enough or wasn’t good enough. And I shared the concern with the relevant party and the conversation went as it always has. But as far as the thought was concerned, it didn’t really matter how the conversation went.

My mind was hooked on the thought and it wasn’t going to give it up just like that. It’s like it doesn’t want to let it go!

I’ve had a few things in the past that my mind has gotten snagged on, thoughts that wouldn’t leave for years. It’s like being haunted by your own mind. And there’s nowhere to go!

So I started wondering about why this happens. Maybe it’s to do with neuropathways. The thought is so ingrained that it’s just so easy to continue thinking it. It’s a habit. If the thought is a question, the mind will try to answer it. For me, the question was unanswerable. It drove me crazy trying to find the answer to a question that couldn’t be answered. (I don’t know why this happens but when I learn more, I’ll share)

If you experience this, too, consider what Byron Katie would say: who would you be without the thought?


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